Massaging Jesse Billauer, a quadriplegic and founder of Life Rolls On
Did you wake up stiff today? Yesterday as well? Do you constantly think to yourself "man am I sore/tired/achey"? Well, you don't have to. While many people think that aches and pains are a part of life, consistent nagging aches don't need to be. There are many approaches to dealing with the physical pains that everyone 
experiences at some time in their life. Massage is one of the oldest and most versatile systems for dealing with somatic soft tissue concerns.

Because I believe so deeply in the effectiveness of manual manipulation, I approach each massage with my full attention and energy, giving each person the best, most beneficial session for their particular concerns. My focus is on alleviating the core issues that create pain within the soft and connective tissue while addressing those concerns in a comprehensive context. I have extensive experience one on one, or with treatment teams so we can customize your experience to meet any needs you may have, either privately or with your doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor,  occupational therapist, or any other healthcare professional that you work with!

Please find me at my office Salvation Wellness, located in downtown Jersey City.

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